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Tired of watering a boring lawn?
Try the Rain Garden Bot.
Find something more attractive, drought-resistant, and appealing to wildlife.

It's like a dating site...for your yard.
See how much stormwater runoff you can capture with rain gardens and rain barrels.

The Rain Garden Bot calculates how much runoff you can capture, how much energy you can conserve, and the dollars saved.
Save ENERGY, MONEY, and WATER with the
Rain Garden Bot. helps you install and maintain the most effective scenario of Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens for your site.

Select your preferences:  

Availability for Outside Work

Rain Garden Colors

Flower Types


And then enter your city/state:   

Using the Bot is three easy steps and can be completed in minutes.
Enter your address and [OPTIONAL] select the preferences for your stormwater green solutions. picks rain garden plants  based on your city, preferences, availability, and climate. 
Download installation instructions and browse the plants that the Bot picks.
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